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Make your vehicle shine with our car cleaning service. At Nettoyage Express, we use quality techniques and products for impeccable results, inside and out.

Experience a top-quality car cleaning with Nettoyage Express. Our trained and CFC-certified professionals take meticulous care of your vehicle, using top-of-the-range products to clean and protect both the interior and exterior of your car. We offer a complete service that leaves your vehicle in immaculate condition, shiny as new.

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Our services

Exterior cleaning

- Bodywork wash
- Wheel cleaning
- Exterior window cleaning

Interior cleaning

- Cleaning interior windows
- Cleaning the dashboard
- Vacuuming the passenger compartment and boot
- Dusting of interior plastics

What our customers say

Why choose Nettoyage Express to clean your cars?

Choosing Nettoyage Express to clean your car means putting your trust in car care experts. We offer a host of benefits that set our services apart:

  1. Professional expertise Our cleaners have in-depth technical expertise in car cleaning. They understand the specific nuances required to treat different types of vehicles and finishes.
  2. High quality products We use only top-of-the-range car cleaning products, chosen for their effectiveness and gentleness, to protect your vehicle from wear and tear.
  3. Attention to detail Every corner of your car, from the interior to the boot, is treated with the utmost care. Our team ensures that even the hardest-to-reach areas are perfectly cleaned.
  4. Lasting results Our in-depth approach guarantees not only immediate cleanliness, but also maintenance that prolongs your car's cleanliness and shine over the long term.
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FAQ - Your questions, our answers

For car cleaning, we use special high-quality products that are both effective and gentle on your vehicle's paintwork and interiors. All our products are ecological and environmentally friendly.

A complete car cleaning at Nettoyage Express generally takes between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the size of the vehicle and the level of detail required.

Yes, we offer in-home car cleaning services for your convenience. Contact us to schedule a service at the location of your choice.

To get a quote for cleaning your vehicle, you can contact us via our website, by phone or WhatsApp. We will provide you with a personalised estimate based on your specific needs.